Techniques for Vacuuming´╗┐

It is common knowledge that vacuuming carpet cleaning. But not many people know the most efficient techniques to get the most out of vacuuming. Vacuuming may be done on a daily basis especially when you have carpet at home. And it is very important to do it properly.

Before you start vacuuming prepare your floor and your carpet. That is, remove toys, clothes, gadgets, or whatever it is that is usually laying around your floors. Check if there are any loose wires. Next, clearing the baseboards of debris and dirt will aid in cleaning. Some vacuums do not clean these areas effectively. Therefore, you can use a broom and apply firm strokes and sweep away from the baseboards. Leave the dust there for vacuuming or sweep it up and throw it away.

Also, check the canister of the vacuum. Empty the canister by throwing the contents in a garbage can. This ensures maximum suction from your vacuum and a more efficient cleaning. Then set your vacuum to the appropriate height, high for thick carpet and low for thin carpet. You are all set and ready to begin.

It is usually easier to start vacuuming from the farthest point in your home and work your way backwards. That is, start from the farthest room, or topmost if you have a multilevel home, then work your way down to the stairs then to the bottom levels. In a single story home, start from the area farthest from the door and work your way toward the door. Lesser energy is exerted when working backwards.

Use slow even strokes when vacuuming. Reach out to the walls and furniture to ensure thorough cleaning. Move small furniture to properly clean what’s under them. Close doors in order to get as close to the wall as you can and ensure proper carpet cleaning.

These simple steps when followed will ensure thorough and efficient cleaning of your carpet. It is best to clean your carpet properly and effectively. You would not want to waste your time and energy cleaning and have bad results. When you follow these simple and easy tips, you give your home a fresh clean look and keep your home environment free from dirt and allergens.